Coin Master Viking Quest Cheats

Coin Master has many occasions during which the provides players with chances to secure big wins & grab great rewards. Coin Master Viking Quest Trick is one among those opportunities that a player gets within the first levels of the .

Coin Master Viking quest is an occasion where a player can win many free spins & coins, pet potions, XP, chests, pet food & rare or gold cards also.

It is one among the foremost anticipated events within the game due to the rewards it brings it with itself. Another perk of playing Viking Quest in Coin Master is that the coins that you simply win during this event are going to be raid-free for subsequent three minutes!

So it’s a sort of advantage, a bit like the ghost mode, where you’ve got the advantage of not getting looted by your friends.

So let’s not waste longer . Many of you almost certainly already skills to play Viking quest in coin master so we aren’t getting to jump into that today.

Instead, today we’ve brought you Viking Quest tricks!

So continue reading & bless yourself with some coin master Viking quest tricks that we’ve collected for you.

Coin Master Viking Quest Tricks

Viking Quest may be a wonderful event that showers billions of coins over you along side many other bonuses. But, as they assert , nothing comes free!

To win billions of coins out of Viking Quest, you’ll need to have billions of coins stacked for yourself. Only then you’d be ready to mark some success within the Viking quest.

Once you’ve got coins around 5-10 billion, you’re ready for the event. As this event starts within the first five levels of theyou’ll easily stack some coin bags for yourself especially for the event.

Below are some tips & tricks for the Viking quest which may assist you win big within the event. If you don’t follow these tricks, you’ll lose every penny within the Viking quest!

How to Win Viking Quest in Coin Master?

Here’s how you’ll win Viking quest in Coin Master

Play Cool initially

You can play cool & calm initially because they themselves allow you to play easily & allow you to win the coins before the storm comes.

They give you coins on the bonus wheel easily within the first five levels so you’ll play cool initially . No worries. it’s level 6 from where the important quest begins!

Bring the Bet Back & Forth during Viking Quest

You have to bet carefully within the bonus wheel during the Viking quest. Betting blindly will cost you instead of gaining you the coins. So here’s what you would like to try to to so as to win big:

When you reach the 6th level within the bonus wheel, try betting at rock bottom number first & after one spin, raise to something medium.

For instance, if you’re betting at 1,000,000, raise it to five ,000,000. Do 20 spins with this, you’ll probably win something big. After 20 spins, raise the betting amount to the very best & do 10 more spins.

You are more likely to register many surprises following this method. Big wins are guaranteed!

Slot Machine & Bonus Wheel Trick

Here is another method to win Viking quest cheaply & easily. during this method, we propose you employ one spin at the coin machine & then use the bonus wheel.

If you’re betting frequently & ain’t getting any big wins, then first press the button & go the coin machine . Use one spin & return to the bonus wheel. Set your bet to medium amount & start spinning.

When you win three or four bonuses, raise your bet to the very best & start spinning. After all or two spins, you’re surely getting to win big using this method!

Though these tricks have worked with many players, it’ll be an excessive amount of to declare them 100% working because Coin Master algorithms keep changing.

But something is best than nothing. So it’s better to win something using these coin master Viking tricks than nothing at all!

Leave a comment below and tell us how these Viking quest tricks for coin master worked for you. Good Luck!

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