Farmville 2 : Free Bonus 50x 2 Gift box

A special mysterious box gift is waiting for you. You will find many rewards, such as water, salt, pepper, certificates, bottles, etc…! You can also find animals this time! ! !

Farmville 2 free gifts for you and your friends to collect. Open these gifts and see what quality items you will get. It may be an item used in the kitchen or an item used in the home or workshop. You can also use some items to upgrade the kitchen to cook more dishes you like.

You can share and tag with friends. These gifts can take care of your home garden.Then click from there to get and use them.

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You cannot claim bonuses multiple times from the same link. You may find that some links do not work. This does not mean that all links are not working. After a daily limit, you can visit more gifts tomorrow. The advantage of using Facebook login is to prevent double clicking on the same post. This saves time. After declaring the content, you can refresh the page to see the new link.

Access once a day to get a gift, reward, bonus, promotion code, etc. of Farmfille 2. This page is updated every 24 hours and contains new information and here to reach gift link

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